Three Cheers for Collaboration!

By Dave Elsner, Nexus VP of Sales & Marketing

I spent yesterday afternoon at the football game watching my daughter, a cheerleader, root her team on to victory.  I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that just a few short years ago when we didn’t use Cisco collaboration technologies (Unified Communications, WebEx, Telepresence, Jabber).  Cisco’s collaboration tools enable me to utilize my time efficiently and provide me with the flexibility I need to manage my business, stay in touch from anywhere, and, more importantly, spend time with my family.

Collaboration tools also let me to be in two places at once.  While I’m on the road visiting with customers, business partners, or my staff; I can still:

  • Use Telepresence to interview candidates for sales and management positions at Nexus.
  • Use Telepresence and WebEx to host meetings with my sales management team.  Employing these tools, we’ve reduced our onsite get-togethers from four times per year to only once.
  • Participate in scheduled and impromptu meetings, audio and video conferences, and remote presentations.

Just last week, one of our customers wanted to know if Cisco’s VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) could prevent users from adding apps to their company owned iPads.  I was able to check the availability of one of our practice managers using Cisco Jabber, then initiate an impromptu conference call with the customer and the practice manager to answer their question.  (The answer by the way, was “yes”, but the customer would need some additional management software as well.)

Cisco’s collaboration tools make it easy for me to stay connected with customers, business partners and my staff.  However, I think that the best thing about Cisco collaboration, is that they allow me to spend more time with my family and at the football game!


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