It’s all about Culture

This video highlights Waheed Choudhry, Nexus President and COO, discussing how our people really do make the difference. It’s not just a slogan – we really do live by that here at Nexus.

To broaden this discussion, I did some quick research on what makes for a strong corporate culture in other companies. Here are a few key ideas that were common themes among business leaders and inspirational speakers when it comes to developing your company’s culture:

1. Hire the right people. Avoid tricky interview questions designed to induce stress or to get into an candidate’s head.  Instead ask behavioral-type questions, and be direct about what you’re trying to get out of the question when you interview candidates. You’re not looking for people who interview great; you’re looking for people who can do the job great. Hire the best talent you can find – if employees respect a co-worker’s talent and skills, personality conflicts are a lot less likely.

2. Empower those people to do their jobs well. Give your employees the tools they need to do the job. This may be communication tools like instant messaging and video conferencing. It can also mean a company intranet or other collaborative and file-sharing tools. And it certainly includes job-relevant training. But beyond that, you have to trust the people you hired to do the job you’ve given them. Put as much decision-making authority in each employee’s hands as you can. Coach your staff on how you make decisions and them leave them to do it, offering guidance and course correction when necessary.

3. Lead by example – and be consistent. Have a clear, realistic and strategic vision for how the company will grow and compete in the marketplace. Let each employee know how their contribution matters. Employees want to feel they are making a difference, so be sure to share the vision. Good leaders are also willing to roll up their own sleeves, particularly during tight deadlines or challenging times.

4. Celebrate the wins. It is essential to establish ways to recognize and/or compensate for performance. You have to make it so that winning is better than not winning. Basically it comes down to this: teams that focus on winning usually do and teams that try not to lose most often lose. So, make the goal to win, set things up so everyone can win and make winning a good thing.

At Nexus, we foster a culture of success, family, and fun. Our associates work hard, but we also believe in a strong balance between work and home life. And we believe strongly in giving back, as well. Our teams routinely participate individually and in groups in volunteer days and community activities.

What does your company do to foster a strong culture and team spirit. Share some ideas in the comments section below!



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