Virtual Collaboration

July 29, 2011

With the consumerization of IT in the workforce today, businesses are spending more and more time chasing down support for virtually unlimited types of devices. From iPads, to PCs, Macs to Android devices, every day seems to introduce a new device that employees want to use.

By decoupling applications from operating systems, we can deliver information securely to virtually any device today – and devices that have yet to be introduced – without significant effort. With virtual collaboration, applications can run on devices such as iPads, Cius tablets, zero client backpacks, PCs, and Macs transparently. Applications such as WebEx Connect can run in a virtual environment, yet still control physical phone devices on the user desktop.

Nexus experts understand the data center, borderless network, and collaboration elements involved in delivering applications to any device safely and securely. This demo we recently gave at Cisco Live shows you the first phases of virtual collaboration, and where the technology is headed:


Would You Give Up the Web for $1 Million?

July 10, 2011

If someone was ready to fork over $1 million to you to stop using the Internet forever would you do it? A recent informal poll by the Fund for American Studies suggests the answer is “no”. The question was posed to beachgoers one afternoon and answers ranged from “I don’t even know if I could take on that challenge” to “it would have to be something in excess of 15-20 million.” Strong sentiment for such a casual audience.

But the video doesn’t just stop with that question. It’s a thought-provoking commentary on the value/worth of technology today versus its actual cost. In its Visual Networking Index, Cisco estimates that by 2015, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be twice as high as the global population. And with internet access available for  just pennies a day, the value/cost ration of the internet is without equal.

It’s a fun video and an interesting social commentary. Give it some thought – would $1 million dollars make YOU give up the internet?

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