The Gifts of Cloud

It’s the New Year, and like school children coming back from their holiday break, we took a minute to compare notes on our gifts. This article by James Urquhart seems to sum up, as he puts it, “The top 12 gifts of cloud from 2010.” The “gifts” that make his list:

  1. The growth of cloud and cloud capacity
  2. The acceptance of the cloud model
  3. Private cloud debated…to a truce
  4. APIs in–and out–of focus
  5. Cloud legal issues come to the forefront
  6. Cloud economics defined
  7. The rise of DevOps
  8. Open source both challenged and engaged
  9. Introducing OpenStack
  10. Amazon Web Services marches on
  11. Platform as a Service steps up its game
  12. Traditional IT vendors take their best shots

Whether or not you agree with the list, or consider them gifts, it’s a pretty good look back at 2010 and how far the cloud has come.

As we enter 2011, it’s time to start taking stock of how the cloud will change business models and the traditional roles of IT. To kick-start your thinking (and maybe some planning), here’s a great summary of virtualization and cloud computing predictions for 2011 from leading analysis firms.


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