See For Yourself

Today’s myriad advanced technologies allow businesses and consumers alike to “virtualize” large portions of their typical day. From advanced wireless capabilities, to web conferencing tools like WebEx, to video conferencing tools like TelePresence, it’s easier than ever to connect, collaborate, and create with others remotely.

DelMar2010 But no technology will ever quite replace the power to see, touch, and interact with a brand in-person. To prove the point, we recently hosted our annual Nexus Technology Day at the Races in Del Mar. With a sunny California day and some fantastic horse racing for a backdrop, customers were invited to hear presentations and see demonstrations on the advanced technologies Nexus and our partners offer.

Just over 300 participants took advantage of the opportunity to network and socialize, collaborating with colleagues and sharing stories and experiences they’ve had with the technology amongst themselves while choosing their next winner.

NexSteps Demo Lab
We’ve taken this “see for yourself” idea a step further by creating a permanent NexSteps Demo Lab in our Irvine, California office. This fully operational demonstration lab showcases cutting-edge Data Center technology by industry leaders Cisco, EMC and VMware in a real-world environment. Remember, we know this technology because we use this technology. Our own company networks run on this same equipment in this same type of environment.

DataCenterLabWe invite you to schedule an appointment to come by and see for yourself how the technology can work for you.


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